USA EB-5 Visa (USA Residency)

USA EB-5 Visa for Investors, permanent residency program grants the right to live, work, and study in the United States and give US Residency (conditional green card) in 12 months. The whole family including children under 21 can apply for Green Card and qualify for US Citizenship after 5 years. The EB-5 Visa requires to invest $900,000 in a government-approved business.

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  • Investment from $900,000
  • US Residency in 12 months
  • Residency for the whole family
  • Citizenship in 5 years

Program Benefits

EB-5 program lets apply for US citizenship in 5 years and open 185 visa-free destinations for US citizens including the EU and UK. The program does not have specific requirements for English, education, or employment history. Additionally, EB-5 Visa is the fastest Green Card route comparing to other US Immigrant visas and can be acquired in 12 months. Green Card holders also will get access to high-level of American education, private and public schools, and colleges.

USA EB-5 Visa (US Residency)


Fast application processing time (12 months)

Possibility to apply for Citizenship in 5 years

Secure investment options

5-year investment term

High-level education

No specific requirements

Investment Options

Become a permanent resident of the United States by investing $900,000 in a government approved business. In addition to that, the investment should create 10 full-time jobs be compliant with USCIS requirements. The most secure and successful investments are made through a Regional Centre.

1. General Requirement

  • No criminal record
  • 18+ age
  • Reliable investment sources

2. Minimum investment $900,000

  • Investment should create 10 full-time jobs
  • EB-5 center must be compliant with USCIS requirements

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